Prairie Underground


Prairie Underground is a populist apparel manufacturer committed to designing modern uniforms that evoke sensuality in daily self-expression. Every garment is made to be durable and adaptable. We’re committed to ensuring our garments are ecologically and ethically sustainable. These values are an essential consideration in any contemporary creation. We want to empower our customers to articulate their singularity while nurturing their bodies and the ecosystem.


Creation itself should be a sustainable practice. Social, environmental, and economic resources are not unlimited and it’s always been our mission to offer adornment that respects human rights and the natural world. Our clothing has always been manufactured in Seattle within fifteen minutes of our warehouse. We are steadfast in supporting Pacific Northwest garment production in an ethical manner that respects the rights and lives of sewers. Our sustained commitment to domestic U.S production has insured higher wages, safe work conditions, and a workforce with agency and opportunity for advancement. Our collaboration with skilled sewing contractors upholds a deep historical tradition of American manufacturing knowledge. Every garment in our collection is intended for distribution and wear. We believe in our design propositions even when it means producing less than 50 pieces of a garment. Production of our clothing has always been made-to-order and is most often limited production runs of fewer than 300 garments. This spirit of limited production reduces waste associated with manufacturing an excess of garments and shifts the focus to integrity and uniqueness. Limited production assists in seasonal sales forecasts to avoid waste at every stage of the manufacturing chain. It results in a higher value of the laborer’s work and makes small-scale vertical manufacturing possible.


Textiles are the foundation of any garment. Fiber composition represents the fundamental integration of a sustainable ethos into clothing. Beginning with our launch 2005 we have incorporated fibers made of Hemp and Organic Cotton in every collection.