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Texture Clothing

Texture Clothing

Natural fibers, natural comfort, natural beauty. Organic cotton and organic bamboo are the hallmark of Blue Canoe—the heart of everything we do. Simply put, they’re good for the world.

Our cotton and bamboo are grown without harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Then, only the most gentle, nontoxic dyes are used, so plants, animals and people are protected. The result? Fabrics that are inherently soft, fluid and breathable, even in the warmest weather.

All our clothing is plant based. We don't use petroleum derived fabrics such as polyester or nylon that rely on oil and pollute the planet.

You will feel good wearing Blue Canoe and feel good choosing Blue Canoe.

Ethically Made Clothes. Sustainable Apparel. Slow Fashion.

Texture Clothing believes in slow fashion. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, which is why we take the time to make clothes by hand. This gives us the opportunity to repurpose our scraps into upcycled accessories, and we love finding creative new ways to move toward zero waste. Here at Texture we invest in good materials and good people, because it takes both to create our signature clothing with a conscience. We’re passionate about providing beautiful, forest-friendly fashion produced responsibly and affordably.

Locally Made Sustainable Clothes in the USA

Let yourself fall in love with an outfit you know was made sustainably right here in the USA. We try our best to stay true to the concept of shopping local and support businesses who do the same. Texture Clothing is created in Bellingham, WA with high-quality materials like hemp and 100% organic cotton. The beautiful fabrics we use are ethically sourced and made by wonderful hard working artisans around the world.

Helping Women Feel Beautiful in Their Clothes & Comfortable in Their Bodies

A core belief at Texture Clothing is designing organic and sustainable clothing for real bodies of all shapes or sizes. You don’t have to look like the women in magazines to feel like you just stepped off the runway. We make fashion that’s flattering from head to toe, clothes to feel confident in. We choose resilient fabrics for diverse lifestyles, lovingly crafted into comfortable cuts that give you room to grow. Many of our styles have become popular as maternity wear! Our customers are women who care about the environment and want a wardrobe that allows them to treat each day as a new adventure. If this sounds like you, we know you’re going to love joining the Texture Clothing family.