Bunny Blanket Lovey Friend - Grey Stripe
Bunny Blanket Lovey Friend - Grey Stripe

Bunny Blanket Lovey Friend - Grey Stripe

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Made for cuddling day and night, our essential Organic Cotton Lovey Bunny Blanket toys feature knotted "hands" and "feet", easy for Baby to hold and makes it a great teether toy for your baby. Completely all-natural, our baby cuddle blanket is made of 100% organic Egyptian cotton making it soft to the touch and a great breathable lovey for your baby. 

* Measures 10" tall


* Please follow the specific care instructions on your organic cotton lovey bunny blanket for the best results.

  • Machine wash warm with like colors
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry low heat
  • Baby cuddle blankets should not be immersed in water and left out to air dry
  • Dry thoroughly in a machine dryer to ensure the organic cotton inside does not remain wet (if left wet, mold may grow)
  • Put a bath towel with your toys in the dryer to dry faster
  • Love your goods and the planet with biodegradable detergents free of phosphates, bleach, optimal whiteners, chlorine or petroleum based surfactants 
  • Please note some toys specify spot cleaning. Take a damp cloth with a mild detergent to wash away the spot that requires cleaning. Do no soak the toy in water.

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